Due to the sedentary lifestyle, buying a health insurance has become inevitable for everyone. A mediclaim policy would provide you cover from hospitalization expenses and also expenses churning out of diagnostic and screening tests before the medical treatment.

For every individual, health insurance has become a necessity. It provides risk coverage against expenditure which is caused by unforeseen medical emergencies. Today, when the medical inflation rates are so high, failing to hold an adequate health cover can prove costly financially.

And keeping that in mind, we at New India Assurance have the best and most suitable Health Insurance policies for you.

Choose a plan

New India Asha Kiran Policy

This policy is designed to the parents with girl child. You and Your entire family will be covered under a Single Sum Insured (Floater). This Policy gives You and Your family, protection against unforeseen Hospitalisation expenses and Accident cover to Proposer and Spouse.

New India Cancer Guard Policy

If during the Period of Insurance, You or any Insured Person incurs Medical Expenses that are Reasonable and Customary, and Medically Necessary for treatment of Cancer, We will reimburse such expense incurred. This Policy is designed to give You, protection against unforeseen expenses towards treatment of Cancer.

New India Floater Mediclaim Policy

This plan offers coverage to entire family under one sum insured on a shared basis.This plan covers new born up to the renewal of the existing policy. This plan has premium loading up to 2% per year.

New India Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance's Mediclaim Policy is intended to shield people against the whopping hospitalization costs. This plan is an excellent product with notable features like no maximum entry age limit, high cumulative bonus.

New India Premier Mediclaim Policy

New India Premier is a Policy designed to cover Hospitalisation expenses of the Persons You wish to cover under this Policy.

New India TOP-UP Mediclaim Policy

The Top-up Mediclaim offered by New India gets activated after the aggregate hospitalization expenses of the members exceed the deductible.